Holistic Wellness and Cancer Support

At 512Wellness, we treat the whole person. This is both the beauty and magic of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. We work in partnership with you to restore balance and alleviate symptoms to bring you back to your best health.

Illness or nagging symptoms happen when we quiet our inner voice and make choices based on obligation or expectation. When not living true to our individual center, this causes both internal and external stress that eventually leads to imbalances and ultimately disease.

Austin Holistic Wellness: 512 Wellness takes a whole-body approach to better health, combining acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition, moxibustion, massage, exercise, and more.

512 Wellness takes a whole body approach to better health, emphasizing balance and harmony.

Healing literally means to become whole. Imbalance is the result of forgetting who we are. Acupuncture allows space in our daily routine to quietly listen to the internal voice that always knows what is best to bring us back to health.

We see acupuncture as every bit a combination of preventative medicine, symptom management, and treatment of disease. Each person is unique. What creates a symptom in one person is different from what might be occurring in someone else. Together, we’ll work to unwind the symptoms to get to the core imbalance.

Our primary focus is to help guide you on your path to wellness. We want you not only feeling better but also inspired with tools and knowledge to enhance your well-being.

Cancer Support

Acupuncture can be a tremendous support while undergoing traditional treatment protocols. It is quite effective at managing the many side affects of chemotherapy, which may include nausea, vomiting, and appetite concerns. In addition, herbal topical formulas are beneficial for treating burns resulting from radiation procedures.

Treatments can also help manage other common side effects, such as stress and fatigue. Sometimes, even a quiet space to rest and recharge does wonders for one’s ability to stay focused on what is required for healing.

512Wellness works in partnership with your healthcare team to complement your treatment plan.

Austin Sports Acupuncture: 512 Wellness in Downtown Austin. Specialists in Sports Medicine, Fertility, Women's Health

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