Exciting new changes are under way.

I’m so proud to announce that Blue Juniper Acupuncture is now 512Wellness™. With a new name, identity, and website comes a renewed focus to support you in all your wellness needs.

Other big news includes recent certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture®. As one of only two Texas acupuncturists with this premier certification, I’m thrilled to put this knowledge to work for you through expanded services that support your active lifestyle. These include addressing acute and chronic pain concerns, offering pre- and post-surgical support, and providing event preparation and recovery. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, or fall somewhere in between, we can help you live pain free.

Our new BeWell program supports women during all aspects of their reproductive health. From teen years to menopause, we can help alleviate symptoms and provide the foundation for healthy fertility. At 512Wellness, our 3-month fertility program sets the stage for a healthy pregnancy by correcting underlying imbalances. Complementing these services is BeWell MenSM, a program that supports male fertility and general reproductive health.

The Wellness program has been redesigned to further assist with allergies, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and digestive issues, all of which make up just a few of the ways we can help you be your best self.

We have also added online booking to make scheduling more convenient. Finally, we’re excited to announce new partnerships with Austin area practitioners and look forward to introducing them to you over the coming months.

It is our aim to help you live your best life.

Sport Acupuncture Austin: 512 Wellness


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